In May 2013 we celebrated being approved as adoptive parents. In June 2014 we were finally matched with a beautiful little 20 month year old boy. He came home with us in August that year. Two weeks later he was removed from our care. It was not a child protection issue; I was suffering from what can only be described as postnatal depression. He was ripped out of our home in less than 24 hours of us asking for help. We were told we would never see him again.

This is a true story, all the characters are real, names and places have been changed in order to protect their identities, except for one, ME. So then I guess if you know who I am then you’ll be able to work out who everyone else is…

Most roads to Adoption (not all) start with some kind of infertility, ours did, so I want to tell it from the beginning, the very beginning. Some of the experiences we’ve had might seem exaggerated, not so, it’s all true, it has been a long road and there’s a lot to tell, but I want to share it.


What can only be described, as bad language will sometimes be used in the telling of this story. It is essential to the authenticity and integrity of one of the characters, ME!

Oh and I’m dyslexic, so if there are any minor discrepancies regarding spelling and grammar, which or course there will be. I apologise now from the bottom of my fart.