The Decision

ask-blackboard-356079The phone rang I could see from the number it was our social worker. My stomach turned over, what if it was a no? I wasn’t quite sure what we’d do. This was either going to be a perfect moment, one of those heart stopping euphoric moments or it was just going to be our very own ground zero, dropped into the ibis where we would drown in the pointlessness.

‘Hello’ I said in a tiny voice.

‘Are you together?’

‘Yes’ Leigh was in the garage.

‘Well…….its good news they’ve chosen you!’

The hair on my arms stood on end, I really needed her to say it again.

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes they just called. Congratulations! I am going to see when we can get a date for matching panel, I will call you once I have sorted the first available date’.

I walked onto the garage and looked at Leigh, he was fixing one of his motorbikes. He looked up.


‘They chose us!’

“Wow! that’s great!’

I had to call  some of my friends and family. Of course we had to be approved by the matching panel, but I had heard from Sandy that they wouldn’t take you to any panel if they didn’t think you were going to be accepted. It’s a waste of everyone’s time.

She called a few days later and said that she had got a date for panel it was 10 days from now. She would prepare all the relevant documents and we would just have to be ready for any questions they would throw at us.

Matching Panel

The day came we drove to Southwark and parked the car, the sun was shinning it was a glories day, I felt really good.

We were asked to wait in one of the small meeting rooms, we were not the only family going to panel that day.

We saw a couple walking down the corridor; the energy was jubilant, it made me feel reassured.

“Ok it’s time to go in” said our social worker.

It was the same room we had been in when we were approved as adopters. There were about 9 people on the panel they all introduced themselves and the questions began.

How did we find the process?

What have we done to prepare for the role of adoptive parents and the changes it will bring to our lives?

How much time are we taking off to be with the child?

Why him?

How will you address the differences between you and him and make him aware of his culture?

Finally they asked all the social workers present is there other paper work or legal matters that need to be taken care of in order for this match to go ahead?

I remember them all say a resounding NO.

We left the room and then had to wait for them to make their final decision. It didn’t take long, the gentleman chairing the panel came out and gave us the news.

“It is with great pleasure that I inform you that this match had been approved, you can now go off and start your family”

Lee and I hugged, I cried, it was over, he was our child we could now prepare for him to come home with us.

After everything had settled down we all went back in to the small room where we had a planning meeting, they gave us a timetable for when the introductions would start. The Foster Mother had booked a holiday so they were going to go on that and then once she returned we would start our introductions. So we were looking at 3 weeks!!!!

We went home told all of our family, friends and neighbor’s and we had a little informal party out of  the back of Lee’s garage, it was very touching to see how pleased everyone was. After all this time, was this really going to happen? Now we would have to get the room ready!!!!! We were going to be bringing a little boy home. I hope he likes us!

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